Information Systems, Logistics, and Supply Chain 2020: Sponsored by Texas State University

We invite you to participate in the 8th edition of the International Conference on Information, Logistics and Supply Chain - ILS 2020 in Austin, Texas – April 22-24, 2020. A very exciting and stimulating program includes three prominent scholars:

And three high profile executives:

Several forums have been organized during the industrial day, April 23, 2019. Some of the topics include Logistics 4.0, High-tech Manufacturing through Block Chain, and Last mile delivery. Some of the industries participating include PepsiCo, HEB, Swisslog, Wayfair, Amazon and Geodis.

Many exciting Topic Sessions and Invited Sessions have been organized during the academic days, April 22 and April 24. Topic Sessions are in Information and Decision Systems for Supply Chain Management, E-supply Chain, Logistics Planning and Management, Logistics Sectors, Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain and Operations Analytics, Capabilities in the Supply Chain. A sample of Invited Sessions include: Ecommerce and New Technologies Affecting Urban Freight and Logistics Operations, Coordinated by Prof. Miguel Figliozzi – United States. Innovative technologies for Last-mile Logistics and Supply Chains – Coordinated by Prof. Alexandra Lagorio -Italy. Logistics in Food Supply Chains – Coordinated by Prof. João Gilberto MENDES DOS REIS – Brazil. Data Analytics Applied to Supply Chain Management – Coordinated by Prof. Evren Sahin – France.

We look forward to adding more manuscripts and invited sessions to the different subtopics listed under the Topic Sessions. The submission deadline is Oct. 15, 2019. Topics and Subtopics are described and listed in the link here.

Finally, we encourage PhD students to consider presenting their dissertation research. The best PhD Paper from the student competition will receive academic and monetary ($1000) recognition. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to interview with businesses endorsing ILS 2020 and searching for talent in supply chain and related areas.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing with you all these exciting academic and industrial programs in April 22-24 during ILS 2020 in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas.

Cecilia Temponi - ILS 2020 - Organizing Chair.

Tahir Ekin, Gulgun Alpan & Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu ILS 2020 Scientific Committee Chairs

Ana Badell, Jesus Jimenez & Valerie Botta-Genoulaz - Industrial Committee Chairs